Our Brief was to design a frame for a Barclay’s Poster in the work place, this should include 4 categories: customer, colleague, citizenship and company.

In our group we thought of a few quotes that could surround the frame, one of these that i thought stood out was:

Strive for excellence not perfection.

Me and Toni traced the overall design of the frame to make the 4 frames desired. We took our time trying to get it perfect and ensure all 4 were identical.


For our establishing professional practice part of the course we have been asked to do a SWOT analysis. Below is my analysis of myself.

Personal SWOT analysis worksheet

Name: Helen Whittle

Positive Negative
Internal factors – personal attributes Strengths:

  • Lively/Bubbly
  • Loud
  • Organised
  • Able to argue my point
  • Good at bouncing new ideas of other people
  • Have previous experience with isometric drawing and ProDesktop from DT A-level
  • Gathering research for essays

  • Drawing freehand
  • Shading with marker pens
  • Colouring in
  • Procrastinating
  • Panicking.
  • Too neat with drawings.
  • Essay writing
  • Stutter when presenting in front of people.
External factors – environmental attributes Opportunities:

  • Parents that will help where possible
  • Friends in class who I can bounce ideas off
  • Sister with excellent essay writing skills
  • Goals to have my own equestrian brand designing my own products

  • Horses can be a priority sometimes which can take time away from my work. I see them every weekend.
  • Prone to migraines which come with stress and more likely to procrastinate work.
  • Flatmates can be loud and wake me up so I can be tired in class.
  • Diagnosed with dyslexia and Irlene syndrome, which can affect deadlines, reading speed, concentration in class and remember previous tasks.

Action Plan – what you intend to do

Strengths Ensure I stay organised. Keep bouncing ideas of people to progress my work.
Weaknesses Keep practising drawings, and build on marker pen skills. Don’t procrastinate and do work as soon as it’s been set. Relax when drawing. Practice presenting in front of people.
Opportunities Carry on looking for advice off friends, parents and my sister. To get my goal of having my own equestrian brand, I will design products in my own time.
Threats Balance my time between my horses and my work. Relieve stress by not procrastinating work. Ensure the right help is in place to deal with my disabilities. Invest in some earplugs and complain about flatmates.




The Stackable Microwave is perfect for cooking multiple meals or parts to a meal to eat at one time. You can use as many microwave modules as needed as when the others are not in use, they can be stored away to remove clutter from a kitchen surface. The microwave modules can be stacked on top of each other or lay flat in a line on the surface. When stacked they reduce the footprint on the kitchen surface, perfect for small kitchens or flats. The retractable power cables ensure most of the wire is safely tucked away so as not to get tangled or damaged, and is also a safety reason so the user doesn’t accidentally cut through the cable and get electrocuted. Microwaveable meals can now be cooked altogether so everyone eats at the same time and reduces the time cooking and spent away from family or friends. The touch screen interface is situated on top of the plug-in hub. It allows you to set the finishing time of all meals and the time taken to cook each meal, this way the microwave will turn on each module at the correct time to ensure all modules finish at the same time.



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Kettle line work

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